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A Sunny Bank Holiday

PostPosted: Sat Apr 20, 2019 11:07 pm
by LongTimeLurker
It is not often I use longer focal lengths, with my DA* 300mm being used just a handful of times each year. Today was the first time this year and unfortunately for what is not an enjoyable photo session.

I live on the edge of Ilkley Moor which is a north Pennine heather moor. Being easily accessible it has a large number of visitors each year, most of whom appreciate the land and treat it respectfully. Yet, despite signs warning people to not light fires, disposable barbeques, discard cigarettes etc, and after a very dry winter and spring it being being bleeding obvious to even to most blind, knuckle-dragging numbskull that the moorland is tinder-dry and is therefore a fire risk. Need I say more...

Pentax K5, DA*300mm. Pictures taken from about a third of a mile from one of the fires.



As I type this post there are helicopters flying overhead dumping water onto the fires. I hope the fire and council staff who have been managing the fires, lugging their equipment far from roads, up a steep, rocky hill side, in baking sunshine and now into the night, stay safe. Their efforts have undoubtedly saved a number of properties that are close the fires but the effect on the ground nesting birds and other wildlife will be catastrophic.

I am so fortunate to live in such a lovely place and just a few miles from work such that I can walk to and from the office most days across the heather moorland in all weathers. I get to see the efforts of local volunteers who maintain the land and meet many people who, like me, appreciate it and all that it provides for us. Actions by mindless, thoughtless individuals destroy much of what we have and, by extension, the efforts of those who make it accessible to us all. Not least they put at risk the lives of those who try and save it.

There are still two days of bank holiday days left with fine, warm weather forecast. Sigh.

A Sunny Bank Holiday

PostPosted: Sun Apr 21, 2019 8:14 am
by LennyBloke
Hope the situation comes under control very soon Nigel - the thoughtless actions of a minority can have such an intense impact on our fragile eco-system - the efforts of the fire service always amaze me in these situations, those individuals may not intend to risk their lives but they do just by the unpredictable nature of large scale fires (we even have a forum member who deals with this sort of thing regularly). Fingers crossed for a good outcome with minimal damage :fingers_crossed:

Great photos by the way - even if you prefer not to have the opportunity!

A Sunny Bank Holiday

PostPosted: Thu Apr 25, 2019 5:57 pm
by LongTimeLurker
Thank you John.

The fire service did a fantastic job of preventing the fire from reaching people's homes. Come Sunday morning the affected moorland was smouldering and no longer ablaze. Still, with the characteristics of such fires and the continued warm, sunny weather, the fire crews were on site until yesterday making sure that the fire did not re-ignite. Today we have heavy rain showers with steady rain forecast for the next few days; this is much needed respite for the fire crews and the surrounding countryside.

There is anger in the town regarding the behaviour and attitude of some, and all-round appreciation and thanks for the efforts of the fire crews and those who supported them.

On Sunday we were at the edge of the moor watching a helicopter collect water from the nearby reservoir, chatting to the police who were in attendance to ensure there was nobody under the flight path. The police had been brought in from one of the nearby cities and remarked that it was like a day trip for them as they had been on shift for four hours and not received any abuse! :yippee:

Picture taken with an iPhone (because that is all I had with me).